NOOSA Style Bracelets

NOOSA Style Bracelets

*NEW*  NOOSA Style Bracelets and CHUNK Charms

A new fashion jewellery trend comprising a leather bracelet with detachable “Chunk” charms to interchange to suit your fashion colours and occasions.  The click snap buttons (Chunks) easily pop on and off with a press stud mechanism.  Some of the Chunk designs represent ancient and mystic symbols while other just simply look good and provide an easy and quick way to personalise your bracelet when the mood takes you.

Each of these leather bracelets have two silver alloy snap closure length settings :

  • Small to Medium in closed position will fit a 17cm (6.75 inch) and 19cm (7.5 inch) wrist
  • Medium to Large in closed position will fit a 19cm (7.5 inch) and 21cm (8.25 inch) wrist

These settings allow you to position your bracelet on your wrist or lower arm where you wish ...... really useful when positioning your stacking bracelets and bangles.  Our Chunks measure approximately 18mm -20mm and are compatible with other Noosa style bracelets.